The Campus Renewal Fund

Bennington has embarked on a bold initiative to creatively enhance and sustain the extraordinary living laboratory that is our campus. We are making a $30 million investment that will leverage improvements to where and how our students learn, strengthen the infrastructure that supports our community’s health and wellness, and deepen the College’s ability to strategically invest in the kind of education the world so desperately needs.

This campus renewal is a physical expression of who we are, and a catalyst for what we wish to become. Your support ensures that Bennington will remain the transformative place it has always been—a place that widens the frame of what’s possible.

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Learn how we are renewing the campus

The Narrative

Bennington was founded as a bold idea

In the 86 years since its founding, Bennington College has built a remarkable legacy: our alumni, students, and faculty include changemakers, culture shapers, and groundbreakers of every type. We continue to attract the maverick thinkers, artists, and experimenters who have made this campus the site of collective discovery and perennial innovation.

The campus renewal that is underway is historic for Bennington. Yet its purpose is as old as the College’s founding: to create an environment that continually challenges students to deeply explore questions and discover who they are, and continually evolve its methods of instruction.

We give our students the tools to imagine what is not there.

How do we unlearn in order to be open to receive the things that we don’t know?” Michael Wimberly, composer, percussionist, faculty member

Horizons are changed here. Students are changed here.

Bennington is the place where I caught the first glimpse of what the best version of myself might feasibly look like.” KIERAN NAJITA ’16

In spaces that serve as physical reminders. Creative re-imaginings. Catalysts for reinvention.

There’s an extremely flexible attitude on campus about how space is used, what space is for—and that flexibility has a parallel within the curriculum.” ANNE THOMPSON, DIRECTOR AND CURATOR OF USDAN GALLERY

Here, we widen the frame of what’s possible.

The Fund


This community-wide effort will provide Bennington with the ability to strategically invest in our physical plant. The impact will be felt and seen throughout our buildings and grounds and the student experience. It will enable the College’s continued bold evolution—and serve as a catalyst for our long-term ability to continually break new ground.

The Fund will help us adapt to the changing needs of our facilities, proactively invest in their programs, and help Bennington advance its mission and live up to its own values.

Our objectives are organized across four areas:

President's Message

The spirit and beauty of Bennington exist in its people and its places, each informing, inspiring, and challenging the other. The remarkable alchemy of our campus will be sustained and made possible by our broader community.” Mariko Silver, President